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This database contains about 57,000 names that appeared in Aufbau between 1941 and 2003. To see a breakdown by issue of how many announcements have been indexed view the Aufbau Issues Tables.

The data in the AIP database has not yet been proofread and edited. You can fill in any combination of the fields below to search the database.

All issues of Aufbau are available online. To locate the original announcement after finding an entry in the index:

For the years 1934 - 2004: The Leo Baeck Institute in New York has digitized all issues of Aufbau published from inception of the newspaper in 1934 through 2004. They can be accessed through the LBI web site or at Once you determine the issue in which the notice appeared, consult the Aufbau Issues Tables, which will provide the issue number and can be used to easily locate the correct issue on the page. The notices generally appeared at the end of each issue. Alternatively, click on the link that says the year followed by the word issues in the search results (i.e. 1980 issues). The pages are ordered chronologically for each year. Therefore if you are looking for a July issue begin with the issues in the middle of the page, etc. If you encounter any problems with the quality of the images, please let me know.

For the years 1941 - 1950: All issues of Aufbau were digitized by the German National Library as part of its Exilpresse Digital (Exile Newspapers Digitization) Project. Please note that this Exilpresse Digital content is no longer available online and can only be seen in the reading rooms of the German National Library in Frankfurt and Leipzig. At the end of the index entry look for the short code either in the form of "1946a23" or "j10a23"*. Click on the code to see a list of pages with announcements for that year. Scroll down to the files that start with the code you noted at the end of the entry. Each issue generally had two or three pages of announcements. The first page listed there usually contains all of the obituaries. The second page may contain additional obituaries and birth, bar/bat mitzvah, engagement and marriage notices. The third page may have more notices or may contain the "Personalia" section, in which many birthdays and some deaths were noted. If you do not see the code in the list look at the top of the directory list and click on the folder with PDF in its name, where a PDF copy of the pages can be found. Alternatively you can visit the Aufbau Online page to browse through the announcements placed between 1941 and 1950.

*J stands for Jahrgang or the year of publication since inception. Aufbau was first published in 1934, so j10 represents the 10th year, or 1944. The "a" stands for Ausgabe or issue (number).

If you have any questions please contact Alex Calzareth.

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Alternative search: Enter a search term below (e.g. surname or town name) to search PDF copies of the Aufbau notices from 1940 - 1950. Please note, this collection of PDFs is incomplete.