Map of Bohemia and Moravia Jewish Vital Registers and Bohemian Familiant Records

The map shows towns where Jewish vital registers and Familiant books are available through

Note: This map has been updated as of August 2019. To get full functionality (including searching) click on the [ ] on the top right side of the map which will open the map in a new tab as a Google Map. Then click on the magnifying glass to the right of the map title shown on the left side to search. This map can also be accessed at
To view the old map (available until December 2019) click here.

For the vital records registers the color of the dots represent the collection where the records can be found.
Blue: Jewish Registers - Fond 1073 (HBMa)
Yellow: Control Registers - Fond 241 (HBM)
Green: Both fonds 1073 and 241
Red Pins: Familiant Books - Fond 2098

Click on the icon in the top bar to the left of the "Czech Jewish Registers" title, which will cause a new list to appear on the left side of the map. On that list use the check box to select which records you want to show on the map.

To see the town and county name associated with a marker, click on the marker