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Krieger Family Photos   
Krieger Family in Argentina (1 comments) Helmut and Trudel Hammerschlag Wedding (2 comments) G-Bruckner G-Hammel-Fanny 001
G-Hammel-Fanny 6 July 1945 Fanny Hammel, late 1940s? 1950s? Fanny Hammel - 1980s Hedwig Hammel - 09 June 1939 in Munich
Liesel Hammel in France (2 comments) G-Hammel-Liesel Fanny Hammel ... Liesel Hammel Hedwig Hammel with Lore Krieger - 09 June 1939
Kurt and Heinz (Harry) Krieger, about 1925 Heinz (Harry) Krieger holding his sister, Lore Meta with her children Lore and Heinz (Harry) Kriegers - about 1935
Lore & Trudel Krieger with their dolls Lore Krieger Lore Krieger Oma Ida (Baer) with Lore Krieger in Weingarten
Lore Krieger - January 1940 Meta Krieger - January 1940 G-Krieger-MS 019 Meta and Siegfried Krieger
Meta Krieger in Munich Siegfried & Meta Krieger - about 1920 Siegfried Krieger - 1930s? in Tann? Siegfried Krieger - 19 January 1940
Meta & Lore Heinz (Harry), Meta & Lore Trudel, Lore, Hans & Heinz (Harry) Inge Brueckner and Harry (Heinz) Krieger
Karl Krieger Meta & Siegfried Krieger Nathan Krieger with his grandchildren Else Krieger Aron (Alon) (1 comments)
Siegfried Aron (Alon) (1 comments) Karl Krieger and his wife, Bertha nee Baer (1 comments) April 1938 - Lore's Hebrew School Class April 1938 - Lore's Hebrew School Class
Meta & Siegfried with Grandchildren Krieger Family The Krieger brothers in Argentina - 1951 Trudel & Helmut Hammerschlag
Krieger-Argentina 034 Joan, Ellen & Harry Krieger Siegfried & Meta Krieger Siegfried Krieger with Nancy Rafael (L) and Joan Krieger (R)
Siegfried Krieger Ellen & Harry Krieger Wedding Photo Meta & Siegfried Krieger KriegerSP
Liesel Hammel with her husband Arthur Levy and ?