Dear Alex ,

I exhausted first three of the Books of familiants you requested. The rest I will send soon in - a week or so ( HBF 1, 119 and 123).

In HBF 10,8 and 13 I put down everything about Frieds, Gratums and Raubitscheks . In fact these books can t help

to clear up the relations between Gratum and Raubitschek families because in the HBF books are recorded only sons.

HBF 10 : includes among other places also Smilkau.

In the book there is only one Fried person ( on fol. 85 ) recorded : a Daniel Fried.

( I translated it into English as usually but I can send it in German original if you ask)

Dominium : Smilkau

Old and new name of the familiant : Daniel Fried

His parents : Joseph Fried

His wife : Rosalia Fried

Marriage allowance ( konsens : 9. September 1817, no. 42220 for Chwatierub ( Chvateruby )

Daniel died 7.4.1821

The familiant position is according to gubernial order ( gubernial verordnung ) from 20. February 1825 no. 3520 transferred from Chwatierub dominium to Smilkau dominium.

The familiant position is by the order brom 31. May 1825 no. 19 614 passed ( exactly in german verleihen ) to Moises Ephraim Bondy

In HBF book 8 there are also R aubitscheks inPraskoles.

HBF 10 : Fried family in Prcice :

In this HBF there is recorded only Alexander Fried in Prtschitz dominium :

His parents were Israel and Katharina Fried from Smilkau

His wife was Katharina Porges from Draschkau

Konsens was dated 2. June 1842 no. 26909 for Prtschitz.

In HBF book 10 there are also R aubitscheks in Suchomast.

HBF 13 : Gratum and Roubitschek families :

Gratum surname is only on fol. 73 :

Dominium Wossow :

Old and new name of the familiant : Dawid Gratum

His parents : not known

His wife : not known

The familiant received marriage konsens for dominium : Wossow

His sons :

Wolf : received a familiant position in Praskoles

Aron : received a familiant position in Praskoles

Abraham :

This familiant position is according to gubernial order dated 30. June 1830 no. 23874 transferred brom Wossow dominium to Praskoles dominium

Raubitscheks in dominium Wossow :

Fol. 69 :

Old and new familiants' name : Wolf or Leopold Raubitschek

His parents : Joseph Raubitschek and Anna Abeles

Wife . Ewa Polak

Konsens : 1780 for Wossow

Wolf died 31.10.1828

His sons : Jakob born 1786

Joseph born 1790 ( he had a familiant position in Wscheratitz )

After Wolf ( Leopold ) the familiant position received his first son Jakob :

His wife was Katharina Schalek

Konsens : 6. January 1808 no. 43673

Jakob s and katharina s sons :

Salamon born 1811

Isak born 1818

Enoch born 1820

Fol. 95 : Joseph Raubitschek

His parents : Wolf ( leopold ) Raubitschek and Ewa

Konsens brom 14. January 1817 for Wscheratitz

His wife was Judith Dufensy

His sons were :

Elias born 1818, Isak born 1826 and Bernard born 1836 , died 1837.

So the above is all what is written about Frieds, Gratums and Raubitscheks in the HBF books 8, 10 and 13.

Next time I will send the rest. Your qustions are welcome.